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What We Do

Below is a rough idea of the cost of each type of installation that we offer. Please be aware that our services are often bespoke to you and your event so costs can vary. We are willing to work to your budget by scaling down sizes and leaving out some elements. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements.

Ideally we would need at least a week's notice for larger installations and a couple of days' notice for table top balloons, depending on availability. Delivery and collection may be charged depending on distance.

Price includes, balloons, vinyl message and hire of stand, if relevant. Extras such as flowers, foil balloons or cut outs can be added on a hire basis.

Bubble Balloons

Table top balloons in any colour with any personalised message.


from £25.

Themed Number Stack

Table top balloons in any colour with any personalised message With small foil number.


from £25.

Large Number Stack

Personalised 40" foil number balloon on a balloon stack.


From £25 each, from 2 for £40.


Balloon Stand

Personalised 1.5 m stand with personalised message. 


Small From £75, Medium From £95, Large (as above) From £115

Balloon Boards

A trio of boards that can be used in any combination

Price depends on number of balloons and boards, all three, a duo of boards or single  (As above). includes vinyl message and hire of boards and any flowers, pampas, stuffed animals etc.


Balloon Garlands

Garland of balloons to be attached to existing wall/ bar/ windows, either indoor or outdoor.

From £25/ metre.

Balloon Arches

Versatile Balloon Arch, from 1.8m-3m. This can be used to produce an Arch (as above) in different sizes, or a Wall of balloons.


From £150

Balloon Hoop

180cm Balloon Hoop with personalised disc.

Price depends on number of balloons. Hoop can be single ring of balloons, double or full (As above) and includes vinyl message and hire of stand and any flowers or pampas. 


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